Helping the Disadvantaged

Chilanga School for the Blind
Chilanga Primary School is a specialist school for the blind and partially sighted, although now the government have also introduced some sighted pupils as a means to foster better integration into the community. Over the years we have donated specialist equipment such as braille machines, braille games, P.E. equipment and braille paper. More recently we have donated computers (with braille keyboards) and musical instruments such as recorders and keyboards.
Many of the blind suffer from albinism and as such are prone to sunburn. To assist this group we supply hats, sunglasses, long sleeved T-shirts and protective sun cream.

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Malama Feeding Centre, Thyolo

The Malama Feeding Centre is situated in the heart of the tea growing area of Thyolo. The availability of work is sporadic as most of it is seasonal tea and coffee picking. The high prevalence of Aids has resulted in many elderly Malawians being left to fend for themselves or in the worst case scenario having to care for many orphan grandchildren.

Located in the centre of three villages we have helped to build and run a feeding centre to assist the most disadvantaged in the area. Each week-day over 100 elderly (Agogos in Chichewa), 60 orphan children and 35 HIV/Aids sufferers make an early morning journey to the centre for a nourishing meal of Likuni Phala, a protein enhanced porridge. Afterwards the children attend our nursery for the rest of the morning which is divided into three age groups.

The elderly have regular health checks from our volunteer nurses and receive clothing and blankets when needed. The entire programme is run by volunteers from the villages and is a real ecumenical project praised in 2011 when the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams gave a helping hand.

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The Handicapped

Edina suffers from cerebral palsy. Over the years the Dawson family have provided specialist wheelchairs which the Trust has transported over to Malawi. Here she receives a specially adapted tricycle.

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